The “SNU AI Policy Initiative” is a research initiative, which was established in 2017 to foster research and dialogue on various technological, legal, economic, social, and ethical issues related to artificial intelligence technologies. It seeks to build a platform where researchers and other stakeholders with diverse backgrounds can gather and engage in stimulating exchanges of ideas. Thus, it encourages multi-disciplinary approaches encompassing various disciplines, including, among others, law, engineering, economics and philosophy. 

The SNU AI Policy Initiative is housed under the auspices of Seoul National University Center for Law and Economics. We are amenable to support broad and diverse research agenda related to artificial intelligence, in particular those with policy implications. Some of the research topics that we are interested in include the following: 

  • Socio-economic changes accompanying the general deployment of artificial intelligence, and their policy implications 
  • Liability and other legal issues related to artificial intelligence 
  • Ethical issues related to artificial intelligence 
  • Artificial intelligence and its impact on market competition 
  • Issues of fairness, bias, and discrimination related to artificial intelligence and automated decision-making   
  • Issues of accountability, transparency, and explainability related to artificial intelligence 
  • Artificial intelligence and data privacy 
  • Rights about data: access, control, possession, sharing, and ownership 
  • Data de-identification, anonymization, and pseudonymization 
  • Artificial intelligence and blockchain 
  • Artificial intelligence and robotics 
  • Artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles    

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Haksoo Ko, Professor, Seoul National University School of Law 

Yong Lim, Assistant Professor, Seoul National University School of Law